About us

In 2003 I went to Ibiza for the first time, and immediately fell in love with the beautiful beaches, clear waters, alternative music scene and the gentle bohemian vibe which permeates every aspect of the island.  Far from its reputation solely as a party destination, I discovered its true identity. Stunning natural reserves, long established hippy culture, thriving artisan community, growing wellness industry, and a unique spirituality which honours and protects the island’s resources.

As I got to know Ibiza better each year, I enjoyed the incredible restaurants, many with a strong emphasis on organic, locally sourced products and discovered lesser-known little coves along the 100 miles of stunning coastline. I explored the local markets and independent boutiques where I was stunned by the artistry and unique fashion scene.  Back in the UK I realised that I was not able to find clothes to take with me on my trips and would rely on buying pieces there every year. These would in turn be borrowed by friends who would come to stay with me, often finding their usual holiday wardrobe lacked that rare bohemian quality, so intrinsic to Ibiza.

Inspired, and curious to know if a wider audience might be interested, I established Astarte in 2019. I sourced beautiful pieces from a selection of my favourite designers and had such a wonderful reaction to the trial collection that I knew it was a project I wanted to grow into something bigger when the time was right.

Four years, more research, some incredible support and a huge leap of faith later, my online business is finally here and I cannot wait to see where the adventure will go!